Are your machines easy to use?

Yes, it is easier than common industrial machines and other jewellery CNC machines. Our software is specially designed for getting market models with minimum user effort. After your purchase of our machines we offer a full user training. Our machines are one of the easiest machines to use among the jewelry cnc machine for sale.

Do I need any CNC experience?

No, you can use our machines easily. Just for making new designs, you need to have knowledge of a CAD/CAM software. Our machines comes with 2000+ designs inside and our design team can also make your designs. You don't need to worry about that to start.

Which CAD/CAM software I must use for my designs?

You can use any CAD/CAM software which can save .DXF files. But we recommend you to use AutoCad, Artcam, Type3 or other common softwares in jewellery industry. You don't need to transfer your drawings into G-Code of the machine. Our machines directly reads .DXF files. You also don't need to add tool paths in your design file. Tool path details are defined on our machine software.

What if I need extra training for wedding ring / bangle making?

We also offer you extra training if you are starting a new wedding ring or bangle production line and do not have any experience. Depending on your goal you can request extra 5 or 10 days training in our demo workshop or your factory. Everything with comparably low training prices.

Can I use the same designs for different materials?

Yes, you can use the same design file for any material such as gold, silver, platinum, steel etc. The design files are independent of the materials.

What is the speed of your spindles?

We co-operate with leading high speed spindle manufacturers around the world such as Jager, Kavo, IMT and NSK. We offer a wide range of spindles from 60000 rpm spindles to low speed / high torque spindle motors. Our standard machines comes with 2 x 40.000 rpm CNC milling spindles and 1 x 70.000 rpm pneumatic spindle.

What is the warranty of your CNC machine?

We offer 1 (one) year of warranty for our CNC jewellery making machines.

What accessories and tools are included in the price?

Tools for training (2 diamond tool + 3 carbide tools), ring and bangle holders are included in the price. Extra tools according to your wish, compressor and UPS power supplier are associated with additional costs.