IM 3

IM 3

High precision 3 axis CNC jewellery milling machine for flat rings, bangles or watch parts.

Powered by 3 powerful servo motors and two high-end milling spindle up to 40.000 rpm and a spindle with 70,000 rpm for punching, the IM 3 has no limits when machining flat pieces of jewellery. A specially mounted vertical spindle ensures productive processing of the background design for rings and bracelets. The fine clamping of the collet chucks for an optimal and safe clamping width of the workpieces with fine and sensitive surfaces is done manually. The Imatek Makina milling machine is rounded off by the specially designed CNC software. 

With the specially developed software and the simple user interfaces, these machines can be operated easily and intuitively. The software recognizes any DXF file that can be created with the most popular jewelry software on the market and automatically generates the custody paths. This guarantees the customer maximum user freedom in his studio and with his familiar jewellery design software.

Technical specifications
Travel path X-axis 150 mm
Travel path Y-axis 150 mm
Travel path A-axis 360°
Vertical milling spindle
–  Amount 2
–  Spindle speed max. 40.000 rpm
–  Driving power 1.2 kW
Horizontal milling spindle
–  Spindle speed max 12.000 rpm
–  Driving power ­1.1 kW
Pneumatic milling spindle
–  Spindle speed max. 70.000 rpm
Connection 220V
Total connected load 3.5 kW
Machine weight Approx. 350 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) Approx. 750 mm x 750 mm x 1.820 mm
Pneumatic supply 6 bar
Control system IM Control
More Options
–  Hammering spindle for diamond hammering –  Network connection
–  Oil cooling device –  Pressure control
–  Teleservice for remote diagnostics –  Various part-specitif internal and external clamping devices

Application samples


IM3 samples  


3 Axis CNC Jewellery Machine, flat wedding rings and bangles production, watch part production